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Meekak Korean BBQ Restaurant

We recently had reason to celebrate and set out looking for something different to make the occasion even more memorable.  As none of us are familiar with Korean cuisine we settled on the Meekak Korean BBQ Restaurant in Morayfield, Qld.

Meekak Korean BBQ Restaurant

It is a beautiful, open space with a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  The menu is extensive and can be a bit overwhelming.  For starters we chose deep fried calamari and prawn plates.  It was delicious!  Very light and perfectly complimented by the condiments.


Mains were Bulgogi dupbab, Chicken Teriyaki dupbab, Jjajang bap and Haemul bokum odun.  Don’t worry if you have no idea what this means as all the dishes are described in English on the menu.

Bulgogi dupbab is sweet soy sauced beef served on rice.  

Bulgogi Dupbab

Chicken teriyaki dupbab is basically self-explanatory, i.e. deep fried teriyaki chicken served on rice. 

Chicken Teriyaki Dupbab

Jjajang bap is pork and vegetables in a black bean sauce served on rice.  

Jjajang Bap

Haemul bokum odun is udon noodles with stir-fried seafood and vegetables.

Haemul Bokum Odun

The servings are very generous, the service fast and friendly, the food simply delicious and the prices almost unbelievable.  It is very good value for money.  We are already planning our next visit!