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It was one of those rare wet and miserable weather weekends in Queensland.  We didn’t feel like cooking and none of the usual take away places took our fancy.  Luckily for us NAMU recently opened its doors in our neighbourhood, so crisis diverted ;-)

NAMU’s menu features noodles, fried and grilled chicken, sushi and bento boxes.  We are crazy about bento boxes, therefore the choice was easy:  Teriyaki chicken bento and Aburi teriyaki salmon.  All bento boxes include seafood gyoza, spring rolls, takoyaki calamari ring, sea bite, salad, rice and your chosen meat.

NAMU Bento Boxes

The service was outstanding.  We tried to phone an order through but figured they were too busy when we couldn’t reach them.  Content to watch the end of the footy match before heading out to the store, we were very surprise to receive a phone call with an apology because they missed our call.  In addition, our order only took 10 minutes and it was delicious!  The fried food was not in the least bit oily, the salad was fresh, the fish juicy and the flame grilled aroma of the chicken was outstanding.  NAMU instantly converted us to fans – give the bento boxes a try, even if you are not a fan of Japanese cuisine – you won’t be disappointed.