Review of places and things we encounter in our travels.


It was one of those rare wet and miserable weather weekends in Queensland.  We didn’t feel like cooking and none of the usual take away places took our fancy.  Luckily for us NAMU recently opened its doors in our neighbourhood, so crisis diverted ;-)

NAMU’s menu features noodles, fried and grilled chicken, sushi and bento boxes.  We are crazy about bento boxes, therefore the choice was easy:  Teriyaki chicken bento and Aburi teriyaki salmon.  All bento boxes include seafood gyoza, spring rolls, takoyaki calamari ring, sea bite, salad, rice and your chosen meat.

NAMU Bento Boxes

The service was outstanding.  We tried to phone an order through but figured they were too busy when we couldn’t reach them.  Content to watch the end of the footy match before heading out to the store, we were very surprise to receive a phone call with an apology because they missed our call.  In addition, our order only took 10 minutes and it was delicious!  The fried food was not in the least bit oily, the salad was fresh, the fish juicy and the flame grilled aroma of the chicken was outstanding.  NAMU instantly converted us to fans – give the bento boxes a try, even if you are not a fan of Japanese cuisine – you won’t be disappointed.

Big Giraffe Cafe

It was early morning when we travelled along the Bruce Highway through the small town of Bororen.  We have covered a considerable amount of kilometres but an even greater distance still stretched out ahead of us.  The conversation has dried up and boredom was settling in.  We needed a break.

Giraffe cafe's banners promised real coffee and homemade food and that was enough of an excuse for us to stop.  Turned out that Big Giraffe Cafe is more than just a place to grab a cuppa and some tucker.  They also sell fibreglass replicas of animals as well as wall art.  It is really well done and I would not mind bringing one or two pieces home.

Big Giraffe Cafe

As for food options you can choose from homemade hamburgers, muffins, slices and on Thursday to Sunday nights from 4 to 8.30pm you can even order home made pizza.  Being early in the morning we settled for store bought pies.  The coffee was real though made with lots of laughter and banter by the owner himself.

Fibreglass animals

There are seating available at the front for patrons.  We will pop in again when in the neighbourhood.  It breaks the monotony of driving, provide fuel for the tummies as well as something to talk about on the long road home.

Fibreglass Warthog

Guzman Y Gomez

When eating at home our kids are high maintenance, but when it comes to eating out they both turn into adventurers willing to taste other cuisine.  So it didn’t come as a surprise when our oldest daughter called to tell us that she found a great little place we just need to dine at. 

She was referring to the casual Mexican food restaurant Guzman Y Gomez (GYG).  Just to strengthen her argument she reminded me that it was Cinco de Mayo.  GYG celebrates this by offering burritos for a mere $5 – who can resist this? 

Guzman Y Gomez logo

We ordered beef, chicken and vegetarian burritos.  My first impression was that one burrito per person will be inadequate for dinner.  How wrong I was!  It is a HUGE feed.  I have to admit that we found the combination of beans and rice inside a burrito a bit strange at first.

The filling consisted of your choice of meat, rice, black beans, cheese and salsa.  The vegetarian burrito is filled with sautéed capsicum, onion and mushroom topped off with guacamole.  The vegetarian one will definitely be my choice in the future.  If you are gluten intolerant, you have the option to forego the tortilla and have yours served in a bowl.

Other options on the menu include enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, salads and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  I also have to mention that it was BUSY but the staff at the North Lakes stores was simply amazing.  They were effective, super-fast and continued to serve with a smile.