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Time camping isn't spent. It's invested

Why do you camp?

I am certain that when asked the question ‘Why do you camp?’ most people will respond that they simply love it.  However, that answer is insufficient, it is the easy way out.  Take some time to think it over …why do you camp?

We camp to get away from it all and be close to nature.  What can be better than to sit next to the campfire at night and gaze up at the stars?  What a privilege to wake up to the sound of birds, to breathe in the cold freshness of the morning air and to see the horizon ever so gently lighten up as the first rays of the sun emerge.

Enjoying gorgeous sunrises and sunsets while camping

As our family expanded and the kids came along we couldn’t think of a better way to build a family bond.  We wanted them to experience and enjoy nature the way we do and for quite some time it seemed to work.  Then they became teenagers and the bright lights, noise and rhythm of city life cast a spell over them.

Kids remember real adventures

However, I am confident that one day they will return to camping.  You see I hear it in their voices when we reminisce about places we visited.  And when I listen to what they deemed highlights of various trips, I also realise that while camping we were building memories to last a lifetime.

Making memories

In addition to memories these camping trips have also helped to shape the kids characters.  For example, trying to sleep in a tent at Port Gregory while the wind does its best to rip it to pieces, taught them to stay calm amid a storm – literally and figuratively.  Thanks to that and many other similar experiences they know that difficult situations are merely temporary and that those too shall pass.

They have developed a love and respect for all life forms.  We encountered a few spiders, snakes, stingers, bull ants, etc. along the way, but because we also came across cute and cuddly animals we know to treat them all with respect, even the ones we don’t like so much.  Those ones you just avoid as far as possible and leave them to go their own way.  I can see the kids applying these principles to people too and it works a charm.

Green snake

Climbing the Sterling Ranges taught them that hard work pays off in the end.  It also taught them to listen to their mum, that the wind on top of a mountain is really ice cold not matter what time of year!

Oh I can go on and on about the blessings we received and the lessons we learned while camping.  But I think is it clear that we camp because we really love it.


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