This state of Australia is in the southern central part of the country with huge semi-desert areas in the far Outback. The western part of the state consists of the Nullarbor Plain and the Great Australian Bight. The capital, Adelaide, is also known as the city of churches and is home to the majority of the regions population.

The origins of the state are unique in the sense that it was not a convict settlement, but a freely-settled British province. The first town (Kingscote) was established on Kangaroo Island in 1836.

Presently the state is known as a state of festivals and for fine wine. The Barossa Valley is the main wine growing region. The state also has several low mountain ranges with the most famous certainly being the Flinders Ranges.

One of the most important features of South Australia is the Murray River. The vast majority of the states population depends on water from the Murray for general living.

Adelaide Botanical Gardens Adelaide Zoo, Pygmy Hippo
Adelaide Botanical Gardens Adelaide Zoo