Yeagerup Dunes

For months on end we have been studying these white sand dunes that are clearly visible on aerial photos of the South West. It looked liked a real challenge and so the research began.

The intriguing dunes are the Yeagerup sand dunes just outside Pemberton. They are massive sand dunes which stretch along for 10 kilometres and are 3 kilometres wide.

We persuaded a couple of mates to join the exploration. Although sand driving can be tricky at times, crossing the dunes was fairly easy. Though I do think the guy that got stuck at the beginning of the track might have a different opinion. Our group couldn’t figure out just why and how he got himself into that position, but we watched the recovery process – one might always pick up a handy tip or two for future situations.

It is a surreal feeling standing on top of these dunes that stretch along for 10 kilometres, realising that they are swallowing up forests and lakes as they move on. Just to state the obvious: the dunes are only accessible via 4 WD. No sandboarding is allowed on the dunes. You also have to drive between markers, resulting in pristine sand dunes. There are various camping spots just past the dunes where you can pitch a tent. Camping fees apply.

Once you crossed the dunes, the track meanders through scrub before you reach the soft sand dunes we usually encounter when doing beach driving. There are a few tricky hills to manoeuvre, but well worth it – the view towards the ocean is simply stunning! Not only is Yeagerup Beach pleasing on the eye, it is also an excellent spot for fishing.

The dunes are located in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park. Make sure you take the right amount of money for entry fees ($10 per car) as there is no ranger at the entrance, only self registration.