Warren National Park

10 minutes drive south west of Pemberton there is about 3 000 hectares of the most beautiful and breath taking forest, otherwise known as Warren National Park. You feel small walking amongst the towering karri trees that can reach heights of 89 metres.

We have visited this area before, but have never heard the birds like we did this time. The bush feels alive! Do yourself a favour and turn off your vehicle to truly experience the forest magic.

The park stretches along the valley of the Warren River. One of the scenic routes through the park is called Heartbreak Trail. The name reflects the difficulty involved in building this track. This steep track was built by hand so fire-fighters could have a clear path to the water.

Another impressive feature of this park is the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree. There are two more fire lookout trees in the Pemberton area open to the public. (More about these in a later update)

 This park is also home to the Marianne North Tree. The tree was named after the artist, Marianne North, who did a painting of it in 1880. The painting currently hangs in the gallery at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Access to the park is via well maintained gravel roads. There are various camping spots, fire rings, picnic tables and toilets. Hiking, canoeing and fishing in the Warren River are some of the activities to indulge in.