Tree Top Walk

This little gem is situated in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park. What makes the Tree Top Walk really special in my eyes is that absolutely everybody, no matter what their fitness level, gets the opportunity to mingle with the birds in the canopy of the Tingle forest.

The walk gently slopes up to a height of 40m above ground. It was specifically designed to sway as you walk on it. It creates the sensation of being moved by a slight breeze.

The walk is only 600m long, so don’t rush through it. The good news is that if once isn’t enough, you are welcome to do it again … all included in the small entrance fee.

Once you’ve marvelled at the giants from up high, take a leisurely stroll through the Ancient Empire to get a closer look. This area is known as the Valley of the Giants referring to the huge red tingle trees. The Ancient Empire is a wooden boardwalk that meanders around and even through some of the giants.

The boardwalk not only makes it easier for people to wander through the forest, it also protects the trees from the damaging impact of the huge number of visitors. More photos.