Stirling Ranges

Being used to the generally flat landscape of Western Australia, this mountain range certainly spread its magic over us as we approached. Some of the best bush walking can be found in the Stirling Ranges, but as we were pressed for time, we decided to tackle Bluff Knoll.

It wasn’t a difficult decision as Bluff Knoll is listed as one of Australia’s 25 best hikes. Bluff Knoll has an altitude of 1 094.97 metres.

The information board suggests that this 6km walk can take 3-4hours. How spot

on they were – it took us 4 hours to complete!

I have to add that we took it easy with plenty of rests as there are quite a few steps to climb in order to reach the top! The walkway is in excellent condition.

On the way up we didn’t see a soul until well after the halfway mark. We did hear the jubilant cry of victory as a party of three females reached the top! We met the girls later as they were coming down … as sound carries, we still had a fair bit to go, but their enthusiasm and reassurance that it is worth it, spurred us on.

Mountain weather is truly fascinating. We were hot and sweating till we turned a corner … we couldn’t get our rain jackets on fast enough. The wind was absolutely icy!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am as cheery a person as can be … that is when I am inside my comfort zone. So imagine my annoyance as I huff and puff along, only to be greeted by the happy voice of the ranger as he skips along on his way DOWN already!!! I did however realize a while later that the spirit automatically lifts when you are going down.

If you are interested in native plants, I would definitely recommend this walk. The variety of plants you encounter is fantastic. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience these mountains in such a pristine condition.

And yes, the view from the top is definitely worth the climb. I would recommend that you choose a clear day for your climb. Judging from footage taken on a cloudy day, I would have been disappointed to put in all the effort and not be rewarded by the 360 vistas.

Although we don’t have any first hand knowledge about the other walks, we can list them and hope that some of you have done them. Do blog your experience on our site – we would love to share in it!

Facilities are available at the Bluff Knoll car park, which is reached via sealed road. More photos.

Toolbrunup Peak. 4km return. 4 hours. Altitude 1052 metres.

Ellen Peak. 22km return. 10-12 hours. Altitude 1012 metres.

Mt Trio. 2km return. 3 hours. Altitude 856 metres.

Mt Magog. 7km return. 6 hours. Altitude 856 metres.

Mt Hassel. 2km return. 2.5 hours. Altitude 847 metres.

Talyuberlup Peak. 2km return. 2.5 hours. Altitude 783 metres.