The thriving coastal town of Busselton is situated 3 hours south of Perth in Geographe Bay. The town is named after the first European settler to arrive in this area in 1832, John Bussell.

It is a favourite holiday destination and probably most well known for its 2km wooden jetty. It is said to be a great diving spot, with two of the most popular sites being the jetty itself and the Swan wreck. The Swan was the first ship sunk in the southern hemisphere as a diving destination.

Annually there is also the Busselton Jetty Swim where teams and individuals compete in a 3.6km swim around the jetty.

Not to worry if you don’t like getting wet … the underwater observatory at the end of the jetty gives a tantalising glimpse into the world of coral and fish eight meters below sea level. I have to say in all honesty that I didn’t expect too much – what a pleasant surprise awaited me!

Due to ongoing restoration on the jetty, the train was not in service. The friendly operators at the ticket office do advise that you allow about 25minutes for the walk.

Your very reasonably priced ticket buys you about 45minutes in the observatory. For the first 15 minutes a guide gives you a bit of background information as well as point out interesting corals and fish. That leaves you with 30minutes of leisurely working your way back up the three levels with their viewing platforms.

About 7km east of Busselton is the Ludlow Tuart Forest. It is a very scenic drive through these 300+ year old trees. What makes it even more remarkable is that these Tuarts are the only natural occurring ones left in the world. More photos.