Serpentine Falls

The falls are situated in the Serpentine National Park. It is a 600m walk from the car park to the falls, where the water cascades over huge granite boulders. This walk is accessible for wheelchairs.

When going on a hike around the park you can’t help but notice all the granite outcrops. There are grassed picnic and barbeque places as well as toilets.

A pure delight for young and old alike is the kangaroos that graze around the picnic area. They seem very tame, not at all bothered by all the humans who want to pat them. Do keep in mind that it is not wise to feed wild animals as the food that we eat is not the food that they would normally eat. It can also cause them to become aggressive towards people as they seek more food from us.

Address: Falls Road, off the South West Highway A small entrance fee applies.

Serpentine Falls Gallery