Point Peron

With summer just around the corner we packed the esky and headed down to the beach. Call me bias, but I think you will be hard press to find more beautiful scenery than an Australian beach in summer. The different shades of blue are unbelievable!

Our destination for the day was Point Peron. It is situated in the city of Rockingham and also known as Cape Peron. Point Peron has a special blend of history, scenery and opportunity for all kinds of water sport.

It is named after Francois Peron, a French naturalist. During World War II the elevated sand dunes were the perfect location for observation posts. Quite a few ruins of the lookouts, gun placements and bunkers are still accessible to the curious.

From time to time you can hear the roar of old aeroplane engines in the skies above. A few years ago a company came up with the idea of doing mock dog fights just off shore. It surely gives the whole outing a very authentic feeling!

You can access the main lookout via a steep flight of stairs or take the easier option of winding roads. There are still wildflowers to marvel at and if you keep your eyes open you are sure to stumble across a bobtail/blue tongue lizard. They are gorgeous, feisty and very photogenic animals 

The limestone coastline leans itself towards snorkelling. It is said to be one of Perth’s best snorkelling sites. There is a 60m snorkelling circuit (underwater of course) that points out some of the features and changing zones.

The limestone creates caves and crevices that the fish use for hiding spots. Naturally it is an all year round great fishing spot!

The area is also blessed by frequent visitations from dolphins. Local tour operators can take you to swim with wild dolphins.

There are several car parks with access via Point Peron Road.

Point Peron Gallery