Nambung National Park

If you ever wanted to experience a desert but yet not be too far from civilization as well as have something more than just sand to marvel at, then Nambung National Park is the place for you! Nambung National Park is located 250km north of Perth. It is far more than just a desert; it also includes beautiful beaches, coastal dune systems and a wide diversity of vegetation.

I am sure there are quite a few of you who can’t quite place this national park. I am also sure that you’ll know exactly where when I tell you that the Pinnacles are located inside this park. The Pinnacles are one of WA’s best known landmarks. It is thousands of huge limestone pillars standing amongst shifting yellow desert sand: quite a surreal environment! You can spend hours walking amongst them as each one has a unique shape.

Soon there will be even more to look at and learn about at the Pinnacles as the Pinnacles Interpretive Centre is completed and will be opening soon.

Be sure to pack your picnic basket as there are plenty of spots that beckon you to take break, e.g. Kangaroo Point. The coastal town of Cervantes is another great spot not only for a picnic, but also for a swim. On your way to Cervantes take the turn off to Lake Thetis to marvel at the stromatolites that grow at the edge of the water. Please treat them with care by not walking on it, or breaking pieces off it, as they do grow extremely slowly. The stromatolites at this site are estimated to be older than 1200 years.  More photos.