Lane Pool Reserve

This popular reserve is just outside Dwellingup, about a 100km south of Perth.  Once again timing can make the world of difference to your experience.  Springtime is the ideal time for a bush outing, as you don’t have to compete with flies and it is cool enough to venture out on long bushwalks.  An added bonus is the abundance of wild flowers.

The reserve hugs a stretch of the Murray River with a great many picnic spots scattered along the way.  Our first stop was Baden-Powell.  What a sight this is with the water level quite high.  On a previous visit we marvelled at the natural “spa” in the river:  the water being whirled around inside a boulder.  Today there was no sign of this “spa”, all submerged under a fairly strong current.

There are separate areas for camping and day use.  A small camping fee applies.  The site is tranquillity at its best.  The camp sites are set underneath huge Jarrah trees with ample picnic tables and toilets.  A perfect place to launch your canoe, fish or just appreciate nature.

In true traveller’s style we met a bloke from Ravenswood who had the privilege to tour around Australia.  Thank you for sharing a bit of your experience with us Marcus – do take a page from his book, come on over and say g’day if you happen to spot us!

Next stop was Nanga Falls.  What a truly breathtaking area.  As far as the eye can see there are picnic tables spread out in the shade.  Due to the recent good rainfall, the falls is a glorious site and a delight on the ears.  The Falls occur where Nanga Brook flows into the Murray River.

Lane Pool Reserve is proving to be so popular that you will have to make a booking in advance if you want to camp at any one of the sites, just to prevent disappointment.  

We ended the day with a barbeque at Stringers.  Wood fire rings are provided, you just need to bring along your own wood.  You don’t even have to drag it all the way from home – just outside Dwellingup you can pick up a decent sized bag of wood for a mere 5 bucks.

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