Araluen botanical garden

Araluen is a botanical garden nestled in a valley in the Darling Range.  This park is always a delight to visit with shaded grassy areas for a picnic or barbeque.The tranquility is enhanced by streams flowing through the forest.

What set this visit apart from any other is the timing.  The months of August and September is known as "Springtime at Araluen" with an abundant display of tulips.  2007 is extra special, as it is the first year that the annual event is dedicated to somebody.  This year the beauty of nature is in honour of the lifesaver.

Araluen is a well established park with lots of facilities like electric and wood fire barbeques, toilets, restaurant, gift shop, kiosk and a little train doing the rounds during special events.  It is even assessable for wheelchairs.  Please keep in mind that no domestic pets are allowed and that a small entrance fee applies.

To make you appreciate Araluen even more, you have to keep in mind that all this was created with the help of volunteers:  isn't it amazing what a willing spirit and a pair of hands can achieve!  Words fail to describe this park, let the pictures tell the tale:

Address:  362 Croyden Road, Roleystone, 6111


Araluen gallery