Adventure World

Adventure World is Perth’s amusement park. There is something for the whole family. For the little ones there is a big wade pool set amongst lush gardens, playground equipment and even thrill rides (built in proportion to their size of course).

For a bird’s eye view of the park, board the Rail Rider. You paddle your way across a thin rail 4m above the ground. If you are after a similar sort of experience without the paddle power, Sky Ride is the one for you. It is a chair lift that will take you from the Burger Bar to the Alpine Lookout and vice versa.

Koala Kingdom offers the opportunity to pat a few kangaroos and look at Australian wildlife such as emus and koalas. Head to the Lagoon for a quick dip to cool down before exploring the other sights.

The park features a number of waterslides. On some you need mats, on others you need tubes, some are built for sheer speed, all are built for maximum fun.

A few thrill rides with names such as Power Surge, Bounty’s Revenge and Rampage adds up to make it a fun day out. Entry prices may seem steep, but it includes all the rides all day long!

Where? 179 Progress Drive, Bibra Lake