This beautiful seaside town is situated 360 km north of Perth.  Dongara is well known for Cray fishing.  We recommend a tour through the crayfish factory situated on the harbour.  It takes about an hour.  You will walk away with new knowledge and insight into this fascinating industry.

Taking a drive along Point Leander Drive you will come across Fisherman’s Outlook.  On top of this outlook is an obelisk built in 1869.  The view across the harbour and town is unbeatable.

In town you’ll find the old Dongara Police Station built in 1870.  Presently it houses the museum.  If you are interested in the local history the ladies at the museum are most helpful and resourceful.  

Moreton Bay fig trees line the main street.  They were planted in 1906.  
On a hot summer’s day the combination of shade and interesting cafes provide a perfect combination to refresh the weary tourist.  At the edge of town stands the remains of one of the last remaining steam mills in the state.   The building is four storeys high and built from local limestone.  

This lovely town is also a great place to do bird watching.  An ideal place for this is the Bird Hyde located on the boardwalk at the river mouth.  To see and hear a huge flock of Cockatoos as they frolic in the gumtrees is an experience that will definitely linger.   More photos.