Cape Range East

There are two unsealed roads that provide access to this side. Both are accessible by 2WD vehicles.

Shothole Canyon: The road turns off about 16km south of Exmouth and winds along the bottom of Shothole Canyon. During the oil searches of the 1950’s explosives were used to set up miniature earthquakes for seismographic studies. These left shotholes behind and hence the name of the canyon.

The road takes you over dry creek beds and gives you the chance to marvel at the different colours of the rock layers. At the end of the 15km long road there is a picnic area and a short walk trail.

Charles Knife Canyon: The turn off for Charles Knife Canyon is about 23km south of Exmouth. In contrast to Shothole Canyon this 13km long road follows the ridge of the range and over breathtaking views into the valleys. There are several lookout points to marvel at the Range and for photo opportunities. There is also a marked walking trail from Thomas Carter lookout.

A five kilometre walking trail connects the two canyons. Camping is not allowed in this area.

DEC also offers the following advice to travellers: Caution should be taken when bushwalking in the canyon areas as walls are steep and can be dangerous due to loose surfaces. Don’t go on your own - always let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Cave areas are unsafe due to oxygen deficiency - for your own safety please remain on existing walking trails. Avoid walking in the middle of the day and always carry water as there is almost no surface water in Cape Range.  More photos.