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What a pure pleasure to behold so many hectares of prime land in a city utilized as a botanical garden! The Garden was first opened to the public in 1857.

North of the Garden lies Botanic Park which was acquired in 1866. To this day we can marvel at some of the early plantings such as Plane Tree Drive (1874). To truly appreciate the history of the Garden and plants of seasonal interest you must partake in a free daily guided walk. The Garden Guides leave from the Schomburk Pavilion at 10.30am (except Christmas day and Good Friday). The tours last about one and a half hours.

There are many specialized areas throughout the Garden, but one that really took our fancy was the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion. This pavilion houses the Amazon Waterlily and the Blue Nile Waterlily inside a huge pond. Interpretive plaques around the pond not only explain the remarkable biology of this plant but also its cultural and symbolic significance.

Palm House is another exquisite glass house imported from Bremen in Germany in 1875. It houses a display of Madagascan plants.

The Garden is also a place of inspiration and education. The SA Water Mediterranean Garden is a lovely example of how to create a beautiful water wise garden. Take a stroll through the Bicentennial Conservatory – the biggest glasshouse in the southern hemisphere – to appreciate a jungle of giant rainforest plants. An entry fee applies to this glasshouse.

Facilities: café, information centre, gift shop, restaurant Location: North Terrace, Adelaide.

Adelaide Botanic Garden - Gallery

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