Tin Can Bay

This well known fishing town was originally called Tuncanbar by the Aborigines. It is situated just north of Rainbow Beach.

Fishing is the main industry with a fleet of 50 prawn trailers based in Snapper Creek. Fresh seafood is supplied to the town on a daily basis. It goes without saying that local seafood is the speciality of most eateries in town.

During the month of September Tin Can Bay celebrates its annual Seafood Festival. It is a day filled with delicious food, activities and competitions.

Besides fishing Tin Can Bay is best known for its dolphins. They gather in the Marina from around 8am for their feed. These are wild indo-pacific humpback dolphins and only one of 3 places in Australia where you can hand feed wild dolphins. Sea turtles and dugongs are also sighted on a regular basis in the area.

There are some 130 bird species in the area. The Environmental Walkway was especially created with this fact in mind. It allows us to observe the birds and other inhabitants along the foreshore without disturbing their habitat.

Tin Can Bay - Gallery

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