The Ginger Factory

Whether you enjoy ginger or are an enthusiastic cook, you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven upon entering the Ginger Factory. The Ginger Shop has a huge variety of ginger products, e.g. the much loved ginger bread man, ginger ale, crystallised ginger, etc. The feast doesn’t end here though: there are also a variety of gourmet food as well as kitchen accessories available. Best of all is if you can’t go to the factory, the factory will come to you. Go to to place your order.

The Ginger Factory now also includes another wonder food: honey! In the Superbee Honey Shop there are the aromatic lotions, therapeutic products like bee pollen and royal jelly as well as gourmet confectionary.

Wander through the courtyard café to visit Gingertown. These heritage style shops are a pure delight to visit, from motoring memorabilia to herbal products.

You have a choice of 4 tours. The Taste of Ginger tour shows you how ginger is processed and ends with a tasting session and great cooking tips. The Superbee Live Bee Show showcases all the action going inside a hive. This tour also includes a tasting session.

Overboard takes you on a theatrical voyage around the world while enjoy the antics of the Gingerbread Man as he tries to escape the baking tray of two chefs. The Ginger Train Tour takes you through the lovely gardens while enlightening you about the history of ginger. 


The Ginger Factory is open 7 days a week 9am to 5pm, except Christmas Day. It is located about 60 minutes north of Brisbane in Yandina.

The Ginger Factory - Gallery

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