Rainbow Beach Run

We have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. It was with great anticipation that we lined up to take the barge across the river from Noosaville.

A short time later we hit the sand and I have to say it was everything we dreamed it would be! The ride was very smooth due to the hard packed sand. On your right you have the seemingly endless ocean in brilliant shades of blue. On your left you have the beautiful coloured sands ranging from white to a very dark red.

But don’t be blinded by all the splendour as you are still on a road and the normal road rules still apply. The speed limit varies between 50 and 80km/h to accommodate for shared beach use. There are designated areas where beach camping are allowed (permits are required).

Don’t think it is just all about driving! You simply have to stop at Red Canyon. Apart from being a good spot for dramatic photos, the view from the top are quite spectacular too …. But don’t take my word for it (as I hadn’t the energy to do it). Luckily the more energetic members of our party did take along the camera in order for the rest of us to enjoy the view too.

A good spot to stop, especially if you fancy a bite to eat or are in need of a toilet, is Freshwater Lake. There are plenty of picnic tables, barbecues and shade. The goannas give a special touch to the spot.

Just a bit further up the road are camping spots with toilets and showers. You can track the 1.4km one way to Freshwater Lake. The most popular activity however still remains a dip in the ocean!

This is a very enjoyable trip, do check the tides before venturing out as it does creep up on you and may result in you getting bogged in the soft sand. 

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