Rainbow Beach

265km north of Brisbane on the Cooloola Coast is where you’ll find this beautiful place. The name is derived from the 74 different shades of coloured sand.

Rainbow beach is a former sandmining town that was known as Back Beach. According to Aboriginal legend Yiningie (the spirit of the gods representing rainbow) was killed here spreading his colourful spirits into the cliffs.

Now it offers miles of stunning beach and the shortest barge access to Fraser Island via Inskip Point. The town has a huge range of activities on offer as well as quite a few natural attractions, but we were most impressed with the 40 mile beach road.

This is a government gazetted road stretching between Rainbow Beach and Noosa. This might not sound very exciting but wait till I tell you that this road is a beach run! It is quite surreal driving on the sand with 4WD as far as the eye can see. All road rules are in place and there are even police patrolling it.

When heading back to Brisbane from Rainbow Beach you don’t have to go all the way to Tin Can Bay Road. Keep your eyes peeled for Cooloola Way (on your left, not clearly marked). Taking this gravel road makes for a very scenic trip back. It eventually runs into a dead end where turning right will take you to Wolvi and left leads to Kin Kin. 

At a glance

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