Parrots in Paradise

Parrots in Paradise are the result of years of dedication, love and patience. Right from the start it is clear that Dail respects and loves her parrots. It is at times hard to tell who’s enjoying the show the most: Dail, the parrots or the audience!


The show starts with Dail introducing different parrots. We were even lucky enough to get close to Alexandrine babies – something most breeders wouldn’t even think about. There is plenty of opportunity for photos as both Dail and the parrots are happy to pose till all the keen photographers are done taking pictures. 


The main attraction of the show is the Alexandrines. These parrots originate from Asia and were named after Alexander the Great. They can live up to the ripe old age of 60 and have the intelligence of a five year old child. They will definitely delight with their vast array of tricks: from playing basketball to fashion parades. A favourite for us was the parrots collecting money from the audience and very gently dropping it into a piggy bank.


I would also like to specially mention the Eclectus parrots. Through out the show you could hear them talking and singing in the background. Dail reads children’s books to them at night. It is delightful to witness their intelligence.


After the show you are welcome to have a picnic at the lake, walk through the aviaries or wander around looking at the other animals. Complimentary coffee and tea are available. 


Bookings are essential. For further information call 07 5438 7719. Parrots in Paradise are located 8 kilometers south of Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast.


Parrots in Paradise - Gallery

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