Montville is a picturesque little town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. After walking down the main street it is clear why this town is also known as the “Creative Heart of the Sunshine Coast”. It has a genuine village charm created by a mixture of Tudor, Irish and English cottages of log or stone, Swiss chalets, an old water-wheel and colonial Queenslanders.

You’ll find plenty of antique stores, fashion houses, galleries and much more to explore. We have a few favourites of our own, like Black Forest Hill Clock Centre. The shopkeepers are very friendly and more than willing to talk about all the different varieties of clocks. It is also a fabulous place to hunt for special decorations for your Christmas tree.

Who could walk pass Chocolate Country? The choices will astound you. They specialize in delicious hand made chocolates in a huge variety of shapes and flavours. In the Alpaca Shop you’ll not only find good quality clothing, but also a bargain or two! Being end of season they had alpaca jumpers on sale for half price.

We loved all the colours and textures we found in a shop hidden in one of the alleys called Inside India. The Italian Shop had beautifully handcrafted Venetian glass, jewelry and masks.

The town also offers a range of award-winning restaurants and cafes. A diverse range of accommodation is available in the village and immediate surrounds.

Make sure to schedule enough time when visiting Montville, not only to fully explore the town, but also to enjoy the nearby National Park and dam. The Kondalilla National Park is situated north of Montville. Translated from the aboriginal language Kondalilla means rushing water. True to its name this park has spectacular waterfalls which can be reached via scenic walks.

To the south of Montville lies Baroon Pocket Dam with its tranquil waters. It is a perfect picnic spot complete with a playground for the kids, picnic tables, barbeques and toilets. You can just kick back and relax or go bush walking, fishing, sailing or canoeing.

Montville - Gallery

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