Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary

We love wetlands – they are magical havens for birds, crustaceans, molluscs and insects! Choose your time carefully when visiting wetlands, because those magnitude of insects can really turn your visit into a nightmare.

This time of year (August) is perfect for a wetland outing. The insects are not yet out and about and the weather is idyllic. Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary is just 1.5hours north of Brisbane at Bli Bli.

Maroocy Wetlands Sanctionary, Sunshine Coast, Hinterland, Qld

Adjacent to the parking lot, there is an environment centre where you can learn more about the wetlands and its inhabitants. There are also toilets and benches under the shady trees where you can relax and enjoy the environment.

The boardwalk will take you through eucalypt forest, rainforest, melaleuca forest, casuarina woodlands, salt marsh and mangroves. It is a very easy, wheel chair friendly walk that leads you to the Maroochy River. Along the way there are benches and lookouts that allows you to linger a while longer.

Maroocy Wetlands Sanctionary, Sunshine Coast Coast Hinterland, Qld

The forest is alive with sounds and sights of more than 200 species of birds that call this place home. However, wetlands are more than just a haven for birds, they are also vital wildlife and fishery habitats.

Maroocy Wetlands Sanctionary, Sunshine Coast, Hinterland, Qld

Please remember that all wetlands are fully protected. Therefore the following rules apply to all visitors:

• Stay on the boardwalk at all times

• Take all your litter with you

• Leave all plants undisturbed

Maroocy Wetlands Sanctionary, Sunshine Coast, Hinterland, Qld