Fig Tree Walk

This is a very easy short walk through magnificent rainforest. The only thing to watch out for is large stinging tree leaves. All the signs advice to wear enclosed shoes and one person of our group soon discovered the wisdom in that. According to her it feels almost like a sting from a jelly, only more intense.

Although not a pleasant experience for us humans, the stinging tree provides food for a variety of animals like the scarab beetle, green ants, spiders, grasshoppers and assassin bugs. Because of their exoskeletons these insects are protected against the stinging hairs. They eat the leave tissue between the stinging hairs.

The walk gives us a glimpse on the rainforest growing near the junction of Little Yabba Creek and Mary River. Trees growing here include the massive Moreton Bay Fig, giant stinging tree, black bean, white cedar and flooded gum. We enjoyed the ever present birdcalls, gorgeous butterflies and a few skinks sunning themselves. Some of the birds you can look out for are wompoo fruit-doves, green catbirds, figbirds, brush turkeys, yellow robins and eastern whipbirds.

It is situated at Little Yabba Creek Maleny Road, about 4 km from Kenilworth. There are plenty of picnic spots nestled beside the river.  More photos.

Facilities: picnic tables, toilets
The circuit is suitable for wheelchair access.

Fig Tree Walk - Gallery

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