Buderim Forest Park

Serenity FallsThe name Buderim comes from the Aboriginal word “Badderam”. It refers to a plant which freely grew in the area and literally means “hairpin honeysuckle”. The first permanent settlement occurred around 1860.

Buderim Forest Park is a gorgeous piece of rainforest in the heart of Buderim. We started out behind Harry’s Restaurant on Harry’s Lane at the bottom of Lindsay Road. The first part is wheelchair accessible as it is a 500m long boardwalk with viewing platforms overlooking the tropical landscape.

At the end of the boardwalk we followed the bushtrack along the bank of Martin Creek. It is a beautiful area to walk through, rugged at stages and definitely very slippery and muddy when wet. If you don’t feel like sloughing on through the mud, drive yourself down to Quorn Close where you’ll find a carpark, picnic area and a short easy walk to the waterfalls.

Follow the well maintained circuit track down to Serenity Bridge. It is the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of Serenity Falls. At the northern end of the bridge there are steps down to the base of the falls. I am sure it is a favourite swimming spot during the hot months. Estimated time to complete this circuit is 20 minutes.

Walking from one end to the other is estimated to take at least one hour if you walk non stop. Just remember to take caution when wet. There are toilets and picnic areas at both ends. 

Buderim Forest Park - Gallery

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