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Wivenhoe Dam

This dam is located about 80 kilometres by road from Brisbane. It was built primarily as a safe water supply for Brisbane and creates the artificial Lake Wivenhoe.

At full capacity it must be magnificent sight as it holds two and a half times the volume of water in Sydney Harbour. I would recommend a stop at the Wivenhoe Lookout to appreciate the size, marvel at the wildlife and enjoy refreshments at the picnic facilities (tables and bbq’s). The lake also forms part of the water storages for the Wivenhoe Power Station. The name Wivenhoe comes from one of the early farms in the district.

The dam is only open during daylight hours with gates at Hamon Cove, Logans Inlet, Cormorant Bay and the Spillway Common. We spent a very enjoyable day at Cormorant Bay. Most locations provide playgrounds, toilets, drinking water, BBQ’s and picnic tables. More photos.

The dam is a favourite amongst fishermen with a big variety of fish, e.g. Australian Bass, Yellowbelly, Silver Perch, Mary River Cod and Eels. A permit is required to fish at Lake Wivenhoe.

On your way back be sure to stop for coffee in the rainforest at O’Reilly’s. The coffee is great, the setting beautiful and the friendliness of the hostess rounds off a wonderful day.

Wivehoe Dam - Gallery

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