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Somerset and Wivenhoe – a great daytrip any time of the year

Autumn is usually a great time to be out and about in Queensland. That statement is true 99% of the time, just not last weekend. We braved an icy cold wind on the beach for a while on Saturday, but soon retreated to the warmth and shelter of our home. However, we all experienced a bit of cabin fever and therefore decided to take a leisurely drive on Sunday to the country side.

With all the rain we had recently, we thought that both Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams will be just the places to check out. Somerset is located just south of Kilcoy and forms part of South East Queensland’s water supply network.

Outlook over somerset dam

Our first stop was at The Spit at Somerset. This is a day use area with two public boat ramps and is a really popular spot in the warmer months. Access is only permitted between 6am and 6pm. There are picnic tables, BBQs, a playground and toilets. Boating is a popular activity with both motorised and non-motorised boats permitted on the lake. However, do note that a boating permit is required for all registered and trailered vessels. Should you like to do try your luck at fishing, you also require a permit.

After enjoying lunch at The Spit, we set off down the Esk-Kilcoy road towards Lake Wivenhoe but did not travel far before stopping at O’Shea’s Crossing. It is just one of the many picnic areas around Lake Wivenhoe. Again there are tables, BBQs and toilets on site.

O'Seas crossing day use area Brisbane river

The next stop on our daytrip was Hamon Cove. It is a day use area and mainly a boat launching site with picnic facilities. Please note that swimming is not allowed at this site. From here we pushed on to Logan Inlet. This was the find of the day for us. If you are after rest and relaxation, then this is the place for you.

While Logan Inlet is a day use area, both Lumley Hill and Captain Logan Camp are campgrounds catering for tents, camper trailers and caravans. It is operated privately and to book a site you can contact the operators on 07 5426 4729.

Lumley hill camping area, Wivenhoe dam

Make sure you visit Cormorant Bay day use area – it is a gem. I absolutely love the park area and playground. It is a very inviting place that is well loved by families. But what would a visit to a water storage be without visiting a spillway lookout? The lookout is a great place to see the dam wall up close.

Wivenhoe Spill

From here we headed to our last stop of the day: Atkinson’s Crossing which is still located within the Spillway Common. There is a canoe launching area about a 100m down a steep path from the parking lot. While no access is permitted upstream from the launching point, there awaits 56kilometres to be explored downstream. Luckily you do not have to commit to the whole stretch in one go with pick up points at Twin Bridges (Wivenhoe Pocket Road) and Savage’s Crossing (Banks Creek Road).