White Water World

This waterpark is situated right next to Dream World on the Gold Coast. Our family loves it – there is enough thrilling rides to keep the kids entertained, plenty of deck chairs for parents to stretch out and get some much needed rest and relaxation and of course the artificial waves to cool off when needed.

This artificial sea is known as The Cave of Waves. The surf god Huey sends out guttural groans regularly indicating the start of another series of waves. It is a great spot for the whole family to enjoy under the watchful eyes of lifeguards.

Your little ones will love Wiggle Bay. It is supervised and separated from the rest of the water slides and rides, creating a safe environment for young children to explore and enjoy. Wiggle Bay offers mini slides, interactive sprays and water cannons. There are 14 interactive play devices.

Head over to Nickelodeon Pipeline Plunge to soak up all things Nickelodeon. Kids can spend the whole day just exploring here with more than a 100 interactive water activities. One of the most loved ones is to line up under the huge Pipeline bucket, waiting in squealing anticipation for a 1000L of water to be dumped over you!

Most people visit a water park to get their thrills from rides and this park has a few of those. The Rip launches from a 16 metre tower, blasting you into a whirlpool, sucking you into the corkscrew core and depositing you through a curtain of water into the plunge pool.

The Temple of Huey is a three lane slide with high speed drops and twists and turns. It is intertwined between the tracks of a rollercoaster. If you are craving higher levels of speed, why not try The Little Ripper. It is a dueling cannon bowl water ride using singular or two man tubes.

There are plenty more water rides for you to enjoy, but I want to recommend two as essential rides. The Green Room is a massive funnel 20 metres high. This ride uses a 4 person tube. You travel through a dark tunnel before literally dropping into the funnel where you are bounce from side to side while making your way down the funnel into the splash pool.

The second ride is the newest addition and is called The Wedgie. You step into the lauch chamber with your arms in brace position. The trap door opens to drop you feet first five storeys down. Definitely not a ride for the faint hearted!

White Water World opens at 10 am. You can pack your own food or replenish from one of the food and beverage outlets.

White Water World - Gallery

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