Walking the Twin Falls Circuit in Springbrook

This circuit can be started from the Canyon Lookout or from Tallanbana Picnic Ground. It is a class 3, 4km return walk that should take about 2 hours.

We set off from Tallabana and took about 3 hours to complete it because there are so many photo opportunities and places to linger along the way. The walk itself is moderate with steep ascends and descends and stairs along the way.

It took me a while to realise that the constant noise that accompanied us on this walk was not actually the sound of traffic, but that of water. We visited day after the area received a good downpour. The bush had a freshness to it and the walkways a fair amount of mud, but it all only enhanced the experience.

Twin Falls Circuit, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

After a deep descend into the valley, the pathway seems to be squeezed between two huge boulders. There is plenty of space though to move through with ease. It is humbling to the standing the shadows of these ancient giants.

Twin Falls Circuit, GC, Gold Coast Hinterland, Qld

Just a short walk down the track, you will find yourself at the bottom of the Tamarramai Falls. We thought we were in heaven, little did we know of the amazing sights still ahead of us!

Twin Falls Circuit, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

After walking for some time, the path splits in two. One branch takes you along cascades to reach the Twin Falls, while the other one takes you through a cave to reach the same destination. We opted for the route with the cave.

Twin Falls Circuit, Cave, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

Not long afterwards we finally came upon The Twin Falls – what a sight! Best of all is that you get to walk behind the falls. At the foot of the falls are large swimming hole that must be heavenly during summer months.

Twin Falls, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

If you don’t feel like completing the circuit, this is the point where you can turn around to go back the way you came. This return walk is 2km all up. However, we pushed on to discover what is arguably the best seat in town.

Twin Falls Circuit, Canyon Lookout, rest , bench, GC, Gold Coast Hinterland, Qld

The last waterfall you will encounter on this circuit is Blackfellow. It is considerably wetter at the back of this waterfall, but at this stage of the walk the mist and spray is a welcome refreshment.

Black Fellow Falls, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

From here it is a steady incline to get out of the valley. It is definitely worth it though as you will be rewarded with stunning vistas along the way.

Gold Coast vista, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld