Sea World

Visit SeaWorld for a fun filled day for the whole family. Start your visit with a ride on the monorail to get a glimpse of all the attractions on offer. Most of the shows take place twice per day making it easy for you to fit it all in.

Our favourite by far is the dolphin show: Imagine. It takes place at Dolphin Cove and is choreographed to background music. You’ll be delighted by manoeuvres of these intelligent mammals. To witness the special bond between the trainers and the animals is heart warming.

Watch Waterski Wipe Out for impressive skiing action that includes wakeboarding, barefoot skiing and slalom skiing, freestyle jumps and the multi-level pyramid. For added fun the show is set in the 60’s with appropriate music, costumes and slapstick humour.

To marvel at the agility of the sea lions be sure to see Fish Detectives. This show features Detective Sam Sweetlip and his crime fighting sea lions solving a potential environmental disaster.

To observe hundreds of fish in a natural environment head on over to Shark Bay to loose yourself in an underwater wonderland. This massive lagoon gives the opportunity to view the sharks, stingrays and masses of tropical fish not only from above, but also come face to face with them through massive viewing windows down below. For the more adventurous there is the opportunity to dive or snorkel with these creatures.

Sea World is also home to some polar bears. We spent quite some time watching one enjoying a frozen treat. Although it didn’t entertain us with its graceful antics under water, you might be lucky enough to enjoy and capture it – please send us a copy!

Drop in at Penguin Point to learn more about the fairy penguin. It is the smallest kind of penguin with the scientific name of Eudyptula Minor.

After you’ve enjoyed the wonders of the natural world, head on over to the rides for an adrenalin rush. Why not start with the corkscrew rollercoaster? It is Australia’s first triple loop rollercoaster. Don’t forget old time favourites like the Pirate Ship, Bermuda Triangle and Vikings Revenge.

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