This Gold Coast attraction is Australia’s biggest theme park and a definitely something you must experience when visiting this region. There is something for everybody: from terrifying rides to the uniquely Australian animals.

The park divides its rides into three categories namely thrill, family and kids rides. To avoid confusion I will stick to their categories too, let’s start with the thrill rides. Our family really enjoyed The Claw in this category. The Claw is like a huge pendulum swinging to the height of 9 storeys at 75 km/hr. If that doesn’t spin your head, maybe I should mention that it also spins 360 degrees.

Another firm favourite is the Motocoaster – the first Aussie motorbike rollercoaster! It shoots out of the starting block at a very fast speed and takes you around the track at 72 km/hr. The life-size replicas of the 500cc bikes give a real authentic feeling.

The Giant Drop is described as the closest thing to sky diving and with a description like that; only two in our party braved the ride. You are winched (surprisingly fast) to the top where you marvel at the amazing scenery before suddenly plunging the 120 meters down to earth.

The backdrop of the Wipeout is really well done. The impression is created that you are inside a dumping wave with a huge wave forming behind you and the beach stretching out in front of you. Once the ride starts you are spinning, twisting and tumbling all over the place ….. all in the name in fun!

Be prepared for long waiting periods though. We didn’t get the chance to experience The Tower of Terror or The Cyclone, but will definitely go back for it. The Tower of Terror is an electro-magnetically powered car that accelerates to 160km/hr in 7 sec. During this time it climbs to a height of almost 8 storeys before free falling backwards to your starting position.

The Cyclone is one of the tallest rollercoasters in the Southern Hemisphere travelling to a height of 13 storeys with a 360 degree loop thrown in for extra screams and thrills.

The rides in the Family Ride category are either mild or moderate thrill rides. The Thunder River Rapids Ride simulates white water rafting with speeds of up to 45km/h through the rapids. Another water ride is Rocky Hollow Log ride where you climb the aqueduct and plunge down the ramp. Other rides in this category are Reef Diver, Stingray, Avis Vintage Cars, Dreamworld Railway and Captain Sturt Riverboat.

But what would Dreamworld be without a place for the ankelbiters? At Nickelodeon Central a wonderland where kids rule awaits them. Lie flat on your stomach and fly with SpongeBob as he takes flight on a giant jellyfish.

Grab the whole family for a wild ride on the Runaway Reptar Familycoaster or hop aboard Angry Beavers Spooty Sping to chase Dagget and Norbet through the purple mountain.

The kids will have a hard time choosing which ride to do first ….bumper cars, Blue’s Skidoo flying machine or Dora the Explorer Sea Planes? And don’t forget the swings or the merry-go-round! There is also loads of fun awaiting them in Wild Thornberry’s Rainforest Rampage. This is an interactive playground with thousands of foam balls.

Dreamworld is quite an experience and a huge day out. Besides all the wonderful rides, there is also a long list of attractions. Battle Aliens and Predators or put yourself in the driver’s seat of a V8 Supercar (sorry, simulation only!). If you are a keen surfer, body boarder or skateboarder be sure to try out Flow Rider. When the adrenaline finally leaves your system or you are looking for a place to kick back and relax, look no further than the IMAX theatre.

After all this, Dreamworld still has more to offer. Head over to Tiger Island to meet and marvel at 6 Bengal and 8 Sumatran Tigers. Tiger presentations are held twice daily. Be sure not to miss the Cougar presentation at 4.15pm.

The Australia Wildlife Experience has 100’s of native animals from all over Australia. A huge effort went into recreating the different habitats and is a true delight to wander through. We really can’t do Dreamworld justice with our descriptions or photos; you need to experience it yourself. 

Dreamworld - Gallery

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