7 places well worth a visit in Springbrook

Want to spend some time in nature and feast your eyes on amazing natural features, but not in the mood for any walking? Have I found the place for you!

Springbrook is situated in the Gold Coast Hinterland and have so much on offer. The plateau was formed by a volcanic eruptions 23 million years ago. From the moment you arrive you feel transported into paradise far removed from modern civilisation.

I suggest you start your outing with a visit to the Visitor Centre at Wunburra Lookout. The staff are locals with an intimate knowledge of the area and will best advice you about the different waterfalls, walking tracks, wildlife and ancient rainforest.

Wunburra Lookout, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

1. Purling Brook Falls and Picnic Ground

At the end of Forestry Road you will find the Gwongorella picnic ground with plenty of tables, BBQs and toilets. You will also find the walkway that lead you to a lookout with views of the Purling Brook Falls and the canyon. It is truly stunning and definitely a place we want to return to after heavy rain to witness the waterfall in full force.

Purling Brook Falls, GC, Gold Coast Hinterland, Qld

On your way back to the carpark, you will see a walkway splitting off to the left. I highly recommend you take this one too as it leads to a lookout on the other side of the falls. It is an easy walk along a well maintained path. You will find yourself much closer to the waterfall and a view of the circuit that leads all the way down to the bottom of the falls.

Hardy's Lookout, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

2. Hardy’s Lookout

This lookout provides a view over Springbrook and the farmlands.

Purling Brook Falls, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

3. Old School House Lookout and Boardwalk

The original school of the area can be found at the end of Old School House Road. These days it is being utilised as an information centre.

Old School House, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

Along the pathway there are more information and displays of local history. Follow the boardwalk for another view across the valley towards the Gold Coast.

Old School House Boardwalk, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

4. Canyon Lookout

A breath taking view across the canyon with cliffs and waterfalls on the one side and the Gold Cost off in the distance on the other.

Canyon Lookout, GC, Gold Coast Hinterland, Qld

By now you might start to feel the hunger pains. You can either drop into one of the many cafes or head down the road to enjoy a picnic at one of two picnic grounds.

5. Tallanbana Picnic Ground

Finding a parking spot at this picnic ground can be tricky as it is the starting point for both the Twin Falls and the Warrie walking circuits. See our update of the Twin Falls circuit next week. The picnic ground has picnic tables, wood fire BBQs and toilets.

6. Goomoolahra Falls Picnic Ground

My recommendation is that you continue down to the road to Goomoolahra Falls picnic ground. It has the exact same facilities at Tallanbana with the added bonus of a creek meandering through the picnic area. A short stroll leads to a lookout for the Goomoolahra Falls.

Goomoolahra Falls, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

7. Best of all lookout

Is there a better way to end your day than with a visit to the Best of all Lookout? This lookout is situated at the end of Repeater Station Road. It is a gentle walk through ancient Gondwana rainforest to the lookout.

Best Of All Lookout, GC, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Qld

Along the way you will see 2,000 years old Antarctic Beech trees, before being awed by the stunning view across NSW to Mt Warning and beyond to Byron Bay.

Mt Warning, MtWarning, GC, Goldcoast Hinterland, Qld