Redcliffe Botanic Garden

Although small in size (only 4 hectares) the tranquility of this garden makes it ideal for an afternoon stroll or a picnic. Through hard work this one time cow paddock has been transformed into a variety of different landscapes with shelters, picnic areas, barbecues and drinking fountains. Best of all is that entry is free!

The Peninsula Herb Garden is definitely one of the highlights of this garden. It houses over 500 species of herbs. About a quarter of the garden is occupied by the Moreton Region Rainforest. It is a shady haven with more than 250 kinds of rainforest species native to the Moreton Bay region.  More photos.

Other points of interest are:

  • Areas of acacias, grevillea and banksia
  • Koala food trees
  • Amphitheatre
  • Forest meeting place: large tree less lawn area for gatherings.
  • Wallum Wildflower Heathland
  • Woodlands
  • Tall open forest