Osprey House

Osprey house is an environmental centre situated on the Pine River on Dohles Rock Road, Griffin. It is named after fish-eating hawks (ospreys) which frequent the area.

It is a great place for young and old. The Osprey House building has an abundance of information, educational displays and touch tables. We have learned that these waters were once home to dugongs as well as got a sneak peak inside the nest of ospreys. The ospreys breed on top of a very high pole just a hundred metres from the house.

After spending time inside the house, do venture out onto the boardwalks that meander through mudflats and mangroves. Remember to bring along the insect repellent!

The various Yali Moyum art works along the boardwalk provides insight into the environment from the local Aboriginal point of view.

As you can imagine you’ll find a great variety of birds in this area. A bird hide right on the edge of the river creates the perfect place for any bird lover to while away a few hours. Illustrations inside the hide make it easy for less experienced bird watchers to identify what they are looking at.

What made our visit memorable was meeting Mr Dohle. He is the last descendant of a German family who immigrated to Australia during the early 1900’s.

Osprey House is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Admission is free.  More photos.