Boondall Wetlands

MangrovesOur youngest simply loves animals and the outdoors. This activity was just the thing to meet all her criteria for a good day: she got to work with animals; she spent the whole day in nature and best of all she got wet too!

If those are (some of) your criteria as well I recommend a visit to Boondall wetlands. These wetlands are Brisbane’s largest and cover more than a thousand hectares.

There is nothing stopping you to explore these wetlands on your own, but we opted to explore it with the help of Boondall Wetland Environment Centre. You can contact the centre on 07 3403 1490 for more information.

We arrived at Nudgee Beach round about 9am to meet our guide. The time was determined by the tide. The aim of the activity was to help us gain an understanding of waterway health and creek habitats through dip netting for creek critters.

The guide ran through some safety guides with the kids and then it was hands on to try and catch as many different animals in the mangroves and pools as you could. After half an hour or so we all met around three big containers containing everybody’s treasures. The guide helped the kids to identify the species and discussed behaviour and feeding patterns with the kids.

We went home tired, a little sunburnt and wet, but very satisfied   More photos.