Boombana is a lovely secluded picnic spot between the town of Mt Nebo and Jolly’s Lookout. It offers barbeques, toilets and picnic tables. It also has two very different walking tracks.

Thylogale Walking Track is an 8km return track that connects Jolly’s Lookout with Boombana. This walk takes you through eucalypt and dry rainforest communities. We visited just after a good down pour. You experience the bush in a brand new way: there is almost an onslaught on your senses. The dappled lighting gives the bush a soft glow; the birds are out in full force and go out of their way to impress you with their songs and flight manoeuvres.

We have an avid birdwatcher and photographer in our party. As the rest of us often make too much noise for him to observe the birds, it is not uncommon for us to leave him behind and walk on. On one such occasion he had the privilege to observe a White-browed Scrubwren prancing about in the undergrowth. The bird was fully aware of him taking pictures, but has decided that this human doesn’t mean him any harm and accepted his presence.

The other track is the 1.1km Rainforest Circuit. It takes you trough open eucalypt forest and into subtropical rainforest. Some of the plants you’ll see are a huge strangler fig, palms, ferns, vines and orchids. More Photos.

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