Bellbird Grove and surrounding lookouts

Bellbird Grove is a fabulous picnic place in Brisbane Forrest Park. There are plenty of picnic tables, gas barbeques and even fire rings available. Presently the place is so serene that it is hard to imagine miners roaming the hills during the 1860s looking for gold.

There used to be three mines in this area: Double D, Never Beat and Golden Boulder. You can take the 1km circuit Golden Boulder track to the historic mine site. It was the largest mine in the area with five shafts.

There is also the 1.7km Turrbal Circuit. This circuit meanders through Eucalypt forest and down to a wet gully. There is quite a variety of birds for the avid birdwatcher.

Getting there: Take Waterworks Road to Mount Nebo Road. Turn right into Bellbird Grove (sign on Mt Nebo Rd)

Do take the time on your way home to stop at the various lookouts. McAfee Lookout is named after the original landowners who were well known for their hospitality. From here you can drive 10 minutes to Jolly’s Lookout to gaze at the views of the D’Anguilar Range and the Glass House Mountains.

Jolly’s Lookout is named after the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, William Alfred Jolly, who was so impressed with the view that he agreed for a road to be built to this point, making it the oldest formal lookout on the range. If you like to explore further there are the Egernia circuit and Thylogale Walking Track.

There is also Camp Mountain which in my opinion renders one of the best views of Brisbane. The name comes from the 1860s when prospectors’ tents were scattered around the area. Finally for a western outlook on the D’Anguilar Range you have to stop at Westridge Outlook.

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