Jenolan Caves

Jenolan consists of 11 magical caves and is a destination in itself for caving, adventure and nature lovers. Every cave offers something unique with different levels of difficulty. We explored Temple of Baal.

The tour lasts 1.5hours. The knowledge and enthusiasm of our guide, John, made for an enjoyable and entertaining visit. He described the processes of nature that formed the beautiful cave, identified different formations as well as giving a brief history of the area.

The caves are divided into three main groups each with three or more caves. In order to enter the caves, you have to buy a pass that is available from the ticket office onsite. The pass includes a guided show cave tour of your choice as well as a self-guided multi-lingual tour of Devils Coach House and Nettle Cave.

The first of the groups is Wonders of the Underworld. Tours in this group provide an introduction into the Jenolan Caves. It includes large chambers. The easiest one to do is Imperial Cave. It follows an ancient river passage and is mostly level. Chifley Cave is of average difficulty and takes about an hour to complete. With 910 steps Lucas Cave is the strenuous one in this group. It contains the highest and largest chambers and a glimpse of an underground river.

The next group is known as Jewels of Jenolan. It consists of Orient Cave, Temple of Baal and Imperial Diamond. All three are of an average level of difficulty and takes about 1.5hours to complete.

The last group is known as Magic of Jenolan. Please note that the groups exploring these caves are kept very small and it is not suitable for very young children. Do book early to avoid disappointment.

The River Cave is strenuous and houses three of Jenolan’s largest crystal formations. There are also still pools of the underground river displaying beautiful reflections.

Pool of Cerberus and Ribbon Cave are of average difficulty. Ribbon Cave is not often shown. You enter through the Orient Cave into this narrow cave of unusual features and colours.

The last two caves in this group are Jubilee Cave and Mysteries, Legends and Ghosts. Both are strenuous and take two hours to complete. Explorers have said about Jubilee Cave that “nothing can exceed its beauty”.

For the very adventurous souls among us there is Plughole Adventure Tours. It runs every day from 1.15pm and lasts two hours. It costs $70 per person including overalls, safety gear and lights. You’ll squeeze and climb through ancient passage ways.

Above ground there are various walkways to enjoy. Blue Lake Loop starts at the Grand Arch. A bridge takes you across the river, where you might spot a platypus, and along the other side of the lake.

Carlotta Arch Walk starts on the eastern side of the Grand Arch and stretches along for 1km to finish opposite the Caves House entrance. You’ll enjoy panoramic views and awesome geological features on this walk.

Following the path starting at carpark #2 you’ll reach Devils Coach House Lookdown. If you have time to spare take 2-3 hours to do the return McKeowns Valley Track. It is a rather strenuous walk.

Allow yourself enough time to travel to Jenolan Caves as the road is steep and windy and a speed limit of 40km/h applies. 

Jenolan Caves - Gallery

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