Grand Pacific Drive

If you enjoy spectacular coastline scenery then this drive is a must while in New South Wales. It starts at the world’s second oldest National Park, the Royal National Park, and stretches out over 140 kilometres through Wollongong to Shoalhaven.

Although we did most of the drive, we didn’t have time to visit all the quaint seaside villages, rainforests and other points of interest along the way. There is quite a lot to see and do and all just a 45 minute drive south of Sydney!

A definite highlight on this drive is the Sea Cliffe Bridge. I would highly recommend that you actually walk the bridge. Parking is available on the southern side of the bridge. You won’t be endangering yourself by walking this bridge as there is pedestrian path along it.

This spectacular bridge was opened by the Premier of NSW on 11 December 2005 and on that day 16 000 pedestrians walked it. The cost of the project was $49 million and took 18 months to complete. It has a total length of 665m.

Another interesting fact to note about the bridge is the numerous locks you’ll see on the rails. It turns out to be a really romantic gesture. Couples get their names engraved on the lock and after attaching it to the railing; they throw the keys into the ocean. This symbolizes that their union cannot be broken.

Make a little detour by taking the Bulli Pass to the Old Princes Highway to reach the Bulli Pass Scenic Reserve and some great lookouts. We stopped at Sublime Point on a really misty morning. It created a surreal feeling with the views all blocked out by the mist. Ever now and again the mist would lift and give you glimpse of the beautiful villages nestling against the ocean.

Wollongong is a vibrant city with great shopping, restaurants and art galleries. The view from Flagstaff Hill is beautiful and it is the only place on the east coast that can boast two lighthouses. You can explore Wollongong via the city walk map; visit the information centre for more information.

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