This is Australia’s most populous state with endless beaches and natural treasures on offer. It is also home to the very vibrant city of Sydney. This famous city has a huge variety of attractions and activities to cater for almost any traveler.

You can climb Sydney Harbour Bridge or take a ferry for awesome views of the Opera House. No visit to Sydney is complete without a day spend at iconic Bondi Beach. The Hunter Valley and the majestic Blue Mountains are just a day trip from Sydney.

Other major cities are Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, Lismore, Wollongong and Broken Hill. Mt Kosciusko is also found in NSW and is the highest peak of the Australian Alps and of Australia. The Murray River is of vital importance as it is the source for the state’s extensive irrigation systems. The state occupies a total area of 802 000km2 and includes Lord Howe Island.