Stepping back in time at History Alive

Stepping back in time at History Alive


Let’s be honest – most of us think of history as pretty boring. A lot of dates and wars that happened a long time ago. History Alive: A Journey through time will certainly change this perspective.

Yes there are still a lot of war dates and wars, but because it is re-enacted you see everything from a human perspective. It is no longer about which side won or what year the war took place. Rather it is about the living conditions and how the warfare and weapons differ from modern ones.

The atmosphere of the event was enhanced by its location: Fort Lytton. This is an important historic site that was built in 1881 to defend Brisbane until the end of the Second World War.

The event stretched over two days showcasing re-enactments of battles from both WWI and WWII, 12th century tournaments, Renaissance fencing, tributes to Waterloo and Turkish archery demonstrations.

What we loved most though, was to stroll through the camps and observe people from different time periods and nationalities going about their lives. Everybody was very friendly and eager to engage in conversation.

We learned about weapons like this German machine gun:

German WW2

We learned about warfare through the ages:

American Civil War

But war was not the only thing we learned about. We learned how they produced coins and how they would simply break it into pieces for change:

Hand minting of coins

We marvelled at dangerous contraptions otherwise known as first generation bicycles:

Early bicycle

We learned about remedies and medicines used:

Medicine Woman

We learned about the labour intensive process of making clothes:

Seamstress, History Alive, Fort Lytton

But best of all we also got to experience different cultures in our own back yard.


Vikings at History Alive

The Ottoman Empire:

Hand minting of coins


Roman at History Alive

It was truly one of the most fun-filled and best organised events of its kind that we have attended in a long time. Shuttle buses transported patrons from the designated parking area to Fort Lytton. Special shout out to the friendly bus drivers – they went out of their way to accommodate everybody. We will definitely support this event in future.