Emu Park

If your soul is begging you to retreat to a quiet, beautiful place where you can watch the sun rise over the ocean and enjoy the relief brought about by cooling sea breezes, we have found the perfect place:  Emu Park! This picturesque little town is situated 21 km south of Yeppoon and 44km east of Rockhampton.  We found the location a perfect springboard for exploring both neighbouring towns as well as National Parks like Byfield.


What is there to see/do in town?

Emu Park is home to the Singing Ship.  This sculpture stands on top of a hill with a majestical view of Keppel Bay.  It commemorates the historical explorations of Captain James Cook who discovered and named Keppel Bay in 1770.  However, what I like most is the soothing sound it produces thanks to the on-shore breezes.The town has plenty on offer with a pharmacy, butcher, three bakeries, video store, take aways and a decent sized IGA supermarket.  The biggest surprise was how reasonable everything was prized.  We have grown accustomed to small towns being way more expensive than larger ones.  On a slightly less positive note, the smaller shops like the bakeries and video store seem to close up shop early in the afternoons.  We have looked forward to a decent cuppa and a freshly baked delight after a day of exploring the area only to find everything close. Just cross the road from the centre of town to reach the large grassy areas of Bell Park.  It is a lovely spot for a picnic and is adjacent to the caravan park (07 – 4939 6202), a playground and public pool.Fishing is another favourite pastime in the area.  We favoured three spots in the area.  The first being The Causeway Lake and entrance, the second Rita Mada and the third Coorooman creek.  The creek can be reached from Zilzie at the end of Svendsen Road.  It has a boat ramp and pontoon.


Festival of the wind is a kite festival held annually around Easter because of the favourable winds.  It started in 1999 and is aimed at providing fun and entertainment for the whole family.  There are sand sculpturing competitions on the beach, team games and even facilities to repair broken kites.  It is held in Bell Park where various rides, food and market stalls enhance the festive atmosphere.  The day concludes after sun set with fireworks.


Classics by the Coast

This is an event presented by the All Classic Motor Club of CQ.  It provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to display and enjoy a wide variety of classic vehicles.  Entry is a gold coin donation and is hosted in Bell Park on the 24th of May 2015.To stay in touch follow them on facebook



Taken from the press release on the website“Emu Park Lions Oktoberfest is reputedly one of the best in Australia. Held in the small town of Emu Park, Queensland (near Yeppoon and Rockhampton) this event is the main fund-raising activity for the Emu Park Lions.

The 35+ members of the club are assisted by dozens of volunteers from other clubs in Rockhampton, Yeppoon and The Caves as well as over a hundred  locals who all pitch in to ensure the success of the day. Typicaly a crowd of around 3,000 locals and visitors from other parts of Queensland and other parts of the world will descend on Emu Park, book out all the accommodation here and in Rockhampton and have a great time starting at around noon.The day will resound to the music of the Kalander band and many other local and imported acts. Food will include Tradional German potato pancakes (Kartofellpoufers), German sausages, sauerkraut, potato salad and of course good old Emu Park style steak-burgers made with locally produced beef. We could go on and on about the many types of German beers, the wine, the fun and so muck more, but what you realy need to do is as “Molly Meldrum” would say, “Do yourself a favour”, and turn up for one of the greatest events anywhere has to offer.”For more information follow them facebook

Market days

Join the community on the 3rd Sunday of every month in Bell park.