Byfield National Park

The thing with a passion is that you simply can’t keep it to yourself. We are like that when it comes to travelling and exploring new places. Lucky for us, these are passions shared by quite a lot of people. It comes as no surprise then that quite a few of the magnificent places we visit only came onto our radar because of conversations with fellow passionate travellers. We gathered lots of suggestions of places to visit on our trip to Yeppoon. One though stood out above all others in our minds. We were told of annual holidays being spent on this isolated beach … catching fish from the beach …sleeping out in the open…and that we need a 4x4 to reach it. We were hooked and the search began for 5 Rocks Beach.

We found this gem in the Byfield National Park which is about 70km north-east of Rockhampton. Along the way we saw some of the devastation cyclone Marcia did to the area. There were teams of workers every couple of kilometres cleaning up at the side of the road. Turning off the bitumen our first stop was Water Park Creek. It is a lovely camping and day use area with picnic facilities and toilets. Up until this point the road was smooth and would be an easy drive for any vehicle.

Once we continued on with Stockyard Point Track the road became a bit rougher. From the Banksia carpark onwards though you do need a 4wd vehicle and once you hit Big Sandy a high clearance 4wd is even better! The road is sandy, narrow and has a few sharp corners. Before too long we entered Stockyard Point Township. It is just a small cluster of houses with the greatest street names.

Continue through the township to the headland where you can enjoy uninterrupted views of a stunning coastline as well as enjoy perfect mobile reception! A constructed walkway leads to unexpected metal artworks and a sandstone edge where you can sit to drink in the beauty.

Sadly this was also the closest we got to Five Rocks Beach as the roads were closed due to the devastation caused by Marcia. However, we did venture onto Nine Mile Beach.

The beach driving was easy. There are four open camping areas along the beach: Myrtella (maximum of 24 people), Melaleuca (maximum 18 people), Pandanus (maximum 12 people) and Casuarina (maximum 18 people). These camping areas have no facilities.