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Robelle Domain

After seeing the hype about this development on television, we knew we wanted to experience it firsthand. As soon as the first heatwave of the season struck, we grabbed the esky, sunscreen and towels and headed towards Robelle Domain.

A word of advice, if you plan on checking it out for yourself, get there early. This place is popular! We arrived just after 10am and it was already packed. As can be expected the Orion Lagoon was the most popular spot on such a hot day.  Continue reading ...

Orion Lake, Robelle domain


London: Craft Beer Rising Festival – February 26, 2016


An annual festival, which draws thousands of people to the event each year, the Craft Beer Rising Festival has grown from strength to strength each year since its inception. The popularity of craft beer in the country has helped the festival reach new markets over the last year, with Millennials as well as craft beer’s original demographic enjoying the many independent products now available on the market.

The festival is held at the Old Truman Brewery in East London. For the fourth year the festival aims to bring together all the craft beer enthusiasts that often frequent the many establishments in London on a regular basis. But, it’s not just residents of the United Kingdom who venture to the festival annually, many foreign travellers have been known to attend the event especially in the last couple of years as the festival’s stock has risen considerably.

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London: Craft Beer Rising Festival – February 26, 2016




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